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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indians are racists!

"Unveiling the racist within"
Recently,when i was in a yahoo chat room(My login name is si_skill) trying to discuss some recent political issues,I mooted up the issue of the recent attacks on Indians in Australia.We were all typing on and as well as talking over the mic.But when people in the room became cognizant of the fact that I am an Indian who was uncomfortably alone, they spurred up immediately onto the debate.And when questioned of their nationalities,they voiced up in an expected pontificating tenor.I started by saying,"What are the reasons behind the inhuman racial attacks on Indians"? The first one to shoot me down was a sexagenarian woman.She said, "We are not racists and the attacks on Indians in the recent past are not race-related.Most of them are the extensions of   petty quarrels and road-side brawls amongst the Indians themselves who belong  to different rival castes".She added on "You Indians carry over all the differences within yourselves into some other nation, fight against each other and demand anti-racist attitude that you are not worth of!". And when i started to defend our victimized brothers and sisters,she stopped me and said,"If you guys want to study,study in your own godforsaken,third-rated,stinky,over-populated,black assed country".These were exactly the words that came out from an Australian woman who was in her 60's.I was taken aback.I was highly infuriated by her arrogant,insolent,sarcasm-filled epithets and the derisive giggles of her American friends that sounded like "touche".I put down my head with the feeling of the greatest ignominy i have ever experienced .For the first time in my life,i went through a racist remark. After a 5-min long battle with my emotions,i wiped off the tears that rolled over my cheeks and I became man enough to go on over the mic.All i could say is ,"Please don't make your words typify your place.Each country has its own ethos".Immediately,a man in his mid 30's beamed up over the mic.I was praying for a rescuer or at least an Asian who could back me up.He introduced himself and all i deciphered from his accent was that he was an American of  Israeli origin.And to my misfortune,he was an anti-semite turned anti-oriental christian.He started off well by meticulously greeting people and then spotted on the issue with a fact that he claimed it to be.That was really  shocking and moreover,its disclosure in a place filled with people from different places turned out to be a series of slaps across my face.He addressed me and said."si_skill,this aint typical westerner attitude but typical westerner frustration.And before typifying our countries do you know the fact that your brothers and sisters who are supposedly your fellow country people are treated lesser than animals in the middle-east.They clean camels,wash toilets,sweep roads and u can seldom find one dignified Indian over there.When you guys have your own caste,creed or other differences within your country which is completely immersed in kleptocracy,corruption and internal caste-based riots, isn't it foolish to claim racist remark in some other nation? The first thing you gotto do is sign out off this chat and go ask your government to stop internal racism within your own class-based,caste-divided and "a wannabe super power" country ". I could not talk.I shut down the mic and i heard people saying,"si_skill? u pressed the mute button? ran to your mummy who is cooking food for your daddy? Is your 8-year old brother working in a building company to renovate the stadium for commonwealth games?" Not even a single muscle around my mouth moved.I wanted to lambaste each and every single person out there with boomeranging diabolic words but in vain.All their points seemed to be correct.I came out of chat,not out of embarrassment or predicament that i was experiencing but only because of the thought "My country has failed me for the first time".Till that evening I believed in the fact that my country "INDIA" has never failed me.Only then,when I realized there are million others who are failing ,have been failing  and who were failed by our own wretched alignment of constitution and social jurisprudence,the inane feeling towards my fellowmen started to sprout qualms in my heart.     

"Racism is any unpleasant remark,action,deed or even a stare at some other person based on his/her colour,ethnic,culture or somatic differences."

Racism is an issue but the problem is when internal racism and differences are encouraged in our country are we really entitled to claim the place of sympathy and empathy from the anti-racist groups?
When our brothers are still cleaning toilets and camels in some other foreign place,we pity their case-based status than their social status !

When small Indian kids shed their blood,sweat and tears out there under the hot sun at construction sites,fireworks factories and "Commonwealth Stadium,we see only the child's caste or creed under pain and not the kid's individual moral aspect"
Do these pave the path for a prosperous future India?
Whenever a low-caste person is deprived of his basic rights, whenever an under-privileged  dalit is bereft of his basic needs,whenever a poor brahmin is pushed back in the rank list,  we say 'hi' to Racism.
"If each caste denotes a race,then the reservation policy becomes the biggest Pro-racist policy wherein it makes all Indians racists

Whenever someone debunks the correctness and authenticity of our legal and moral constitutional system we blame the government.We have got many other ways for a fruitful outcome and answer."Right to Vote" is the best possible panacea which is still so shockingly considered futile unanimously .A small change may spark a revolution.The change which is inevitable will happen from young,pristine Indian hands which might blossom the harbinger of overall success and inclusive growth in an egalitarian economy.

As for now,we are running the gauntlet for the miserable internal social divisions that our ancestors created and felt proud of."Ethnic racism outside India is condemnable but Internal caste-based racism is government-authorized". There is no wonder why people laughed at me in that fateful chat room! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Telangana Tale


2020 and India will be a developed nation where developed may be synonymous to "more diversed".Telengana and KCR are the new names of buzz over the media(mostly to speculate) and words of political trauma for the non-telengana region politicians and the locals.Let us be frank! How many of you guys over there knew that a region called 'Telengana' even existed in Andhra Pradesh? The percentage will be meagre.The development in a state being 'region-centralised or  'city centralised' is unhealthy for the overall progress of both the state and the nation.

The 11 day fast by a 55-year old man and the President of Telengana Rashtra Samithi(TRS),K Chandrashekar Rao,was yet another fast or the non-andhra people till 10th December 2009 when  Home minister P.Chidambaram announced the "divide and rule" policy implementation in Andhra Pradesh which hit the headlines of the print and the electronic media.

History of Telangana

The pre-indepence history of Telangana deals with various dynasties out of all the Muslim rule was the most promininent,initiated by the Delhi Sultanate followed by Qutb Shahis and Mughals.In this part,I will give you its post-independence history succintly.After independence,the Nizam of Hyderabad who actually was ruling the Telangana region demanded for his regime once again.But the newly born Indian government made it sure by denying his claim and acting sternly.This stern action was called "Operation Polo".The Indian government condensed the  number of princely states of India into a lesser number in which the Telangana region was tucked in the "State of Madras" on September 17,1948.In 1946,a revolt was started by a communist against the injustice done by the landlords under the aegis of the Nizam to the farners of that region.This continued till 1956.Meanwhile,the telugu speaking areas were extracted out from the State of Madras by leaders like Potti Sri Ramulu who accomplished his misson by protests and clamours.Actually his demise in the process made the agitation shoot up in his cadres,resulting in a state of telugus called Andhra Pradesh with three major parts- Coastal Andhra,Rayalaseema and Telangana.

In December 1953,the State Reorganisation Commission was appointed for splitting Telangana from unified Andhra.This was ignored by the Indian government and a unified Andhra was created but in accordance with the "Gentlemen's agreement" which specifed some terms and conditions for the management of Telangana region with Andhra.

In the following years many vehement protests were made which include the 1969 Telangana movement.This was struck due to the violations of the Gentlemen's agreement.The agression still prevailed after that and even traversed past through a series of electoral years.But the agression "fading out" was never a possibility.

Now,the big question "Should Andhra pradesh be split?".What is it then? The Central gave a nod for the process of splitting.Will the fullfill it? or was it just a quick-fix solution for the heated up tension in Andhra? Was the "fast-unto-death" a leader's aspiring coup or a mere drama magnified by the media lens? These are the questions or even more lingering in all our minds.A debate that can never be won by any side.

The name "Telangana" actually means "land of Telugus" in telugu.The reason that tops the list is the backwardness of the telangana region but this cannot be argued as the sole reason for claiming the state.The protests for a seperate statehood did not pop out as a bolt out of the blue but dates back to 1950's.

First of all,out of the 35 states currently in India,70% are smaller than Telangana.So,the most basic qualification of a state cannot questioned. i.e 25 states in India are smaller than Telangana.So,this may not engender a problem of National Unity as many other smaller states still maintain the national bond of Unity.Many non-Telangana protestors and even leaders claim that Telangana region's telugu is not proper telugu and some even say that it isn't telugu at all.Why should they demand Telangana in Unified Andhra when they discriminate Telangana from their community?Most of the water resources traversing across the state of Andhra Pradesh has its root in Maharashtra.But non of these rivers or its tributaries are properly processed for irrigation in Telangana region.You can find all the major dams in non-Telangana regions of the state.So,these are some of the accusations made by KCR and other supporters which have indeed turned the table for the State's integrity in its entirety.

Hyderabad,on the other hand comes under the Telangana region.This is the part where Andhra and Rayalaseema cadres go berserk.Many stakeholders and Businessmen who have invested in Hyderabad are against this new statehood as they feel that the value of the present capital of Andhra Pradesh may be deterred by Telangana.This point was equally counterposed by the pro-Telangana leaders who say,"Hyderabad is ours.Becoming the capital of another state does not affect its value and stature by any means.After all,it is in India".

The Central Government is stranded after declaring statehood for Telangana unofficially but through the Media lens.Will the government define its words in action? or Is the declaration euphemeral? Will the outcome be a reasonable reckoning? Let us all wait admist the protests and rallies typified by the anti-Telangana cadres for the best possible outcome which makes sure India is diversed,united and in the track of develeopment irrespective of the regions,languages and communities.